2017 The Nelson Trust

The Nelson Trust is a centre of excellence with over 30 years’ experience of bringing self-belief, hope and long term recovery to individuals and families affected by addiction. We believe that anyone can recover from addiction with the right support from the right people. Our professionals have the expertise and determination to help every individual to recover and to thrive. We do everything possible to empower men and women to recover from drugs and alcohol, and to heal from trauma like sexual abuse and domestic violence.

The Nelson Trust has two women’s centres – one in Gloucester and the other in Swindon. They are special havens for women affected by addiction, trauma, abuse and mental health problems. Working closely with local services, they are reaching out to sex workers, those coming out of prison, victims of domestic abuse, teenage girls at risk, and women and their children suffering the effects of a difficult upbringing. One-to-one counselling, specialist workshops and practical support all help to build confidence, empowering these families can make a fresh start.

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Understanding, compassion and experience have taught us how to build life-changing relationships. At our Hub for Recovery, we run a service for people to volunteer and gain the confidence, skills and experience needed to enter the workplace. The Hub Bistro provides a door to aftercare and recovery support sessions – it is run by people in recovery for people in recovery.

We are a trauma-informed service. This means that the principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment are at the heart of everything we do. We work by combining understanding, compassion and expertise to build life-changing therapeutic relationships.  Within our supportive community, we change lives. We know that finding a purpose and developing connections are key to long term recovery. Our community services create new interests and skills like art and craft, aromatherapy, woodwork, bike maintenance, stained glass, gardening, music, pottery, creative writing, gym, yoga, walking and outward bounds. All this driven by the belief that anyone who comes to us can achieve their full potential.