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Information on Swindon Carers Centre for Swindon Cares committee

Swindon Carers Centre provides support and information for carers.

A carer is someone who looks after a friend or family member who cannot live independently.  The person they care for might have a physical disability, learning disability, poor physical or mental health, be frail, or have an alcohol or substance misuse dependency.

Swindon Carers Centre has teams specialised in supporting parent carers (ie those looking after a disabled or ill child), and young carers (ie carers who are under 18), as well as adult carers (ie adults looking after other adults).

Our services for adult and parent carers include:

  • advice and information about the services and organisations that may be able to help carers, based on their specific situation
  • one to one support for those carers needing more help initially
  • peer support groups
  • training
  • assistance to develop a life outside caring

We also have an emergency card scheme, so carers can have peace of mind that if they are taken suddenly ill, the person they care for will be looked after appropriately.

Swindon Carers Centre

For young carers we take a family approach, frequently working with both adults’ and children’s services to reduce the caring required of the child.  For young carers with the highest level of need, we offer one to one work and age-specific groups which meet during term time.  We also offer a range of activities during school holidays. 


Additional Notes:

  • Swindon Carers Centre is part of the national network of the Carers Trust with more than 140 such centres across the UK
  • We offer help and support to people in Swindon who have caring responsibilities
  • There are approximately 19,500 carers of all ages (including children and young people) in the Borough of Swindon with over 4,000 providing more than 50 hours a week of care.
  • Swindon Carers Centre has attained the PQASSO Quality Mark Level 2 and the Carers Trust Level 2 Centre of Excellence Award
  • For more information about Swindon Carers Centre visit www.swindoncarers.org.uk

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