Office of the High Sheriff

The office of High Sheriff is of great antiquity, dating back to Saxon times. The High Sheriff is appointed by the Crown and is the oldest secular office in England and Wales after the Crown. Originally the office held many of the powers now vested in the Lord-Lieutenant, High Court Judges, Magistrates, Local Authorities, Coroners and even the Revenue and Customs.

Today the duties of the High Sheriff are largely ceremonial. The appointment is honorary and there is no formal qualification for the office, however, certain people – members of both Houses of Parliament, serving members of the Armed Forces and certain government officials are disqualified from holding the office. The High Sheriff is the Sovereign’s representative in the County for matters relating to the Rule of Law and the Constitution and is therefore concerned with the Judiciary, public services engaged with law enforcement and community safety, elections and government in the county and everything in the county relating to community cohesion, especially the voluntary sector.

Apart from the ceremonial duties, High Sheriffs in Wiltshire have for many years been active in encouraging and supporting a wide range of activities in both the public and voluntary sectors aimed at enabling offenders, potential offenders and those who are otherwise disadvantaged to achieve their potential as citizens. The task of the High Sheriff is to show appreciation and encouragement to all those who work for the good of the Community and particularly to enable the disengaged to get back on track.

The High Sheriff is appointed for a period of one year. A list containing three names is submitted to the Queen each March and the name of the High Sheriff for the subsequent year is pricked with a silver bodkin following which a warrant is issued to the High Sheriff by Order of the Queen in Council.

The High Sheriff of Wiltshire for 2017-18 is Lady Marland

Wiltshire Community Foundation Grant – £4850.00

Wiltshire Community Foundation has given us a grant of £4850.00

Adrian from DASH says: Thanks to everybody for the fantastic effort!

Just to give you some perspective, this amount would keep our young women’s group going for about 6 months. As a result of our work with this group, Wiltshire Community Foundation has given us a grant of £4850.00 towards a project for women on the autistic spectrum who are reporting increasing difficulty with domestic violence, leading to an inability to access secure, safe and sustainable housing.

Women on the spectrum tend to have poor problem solving skills and therefore have difficulty articulating the issues that affect them and advocating for themselves. This is exacerbated by their difficulties in engaging with service providers and local authorities due to poor social skills.

The project will run as an initial 6-8 week course and then continuing access to the ‘group’ on a weekly basis. The aim of this project is to reduce the dependency on DASH and build capability within the peer group so that members can help themselves and each other when they experience difficulties, enabling them to take control and manage their own lives more effectively.
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Swindon Half – Update 2016

As you know the Swindon Half was cancelled this year – which was a real loss.

That said, Adele and the lovely people at Arval decided they were still going to run various races – which included the Cricklade Half, the Stroud Half and some ran the route of the Swindon race on the day the race was scheduled to be run. The runners also managed to do some fundraising before the race and get some help from the Company Charity – Arval Cares.

S0… it looks like we will get at least £1700 from an event that was cancelled !!! How Good is that. Well done all the runners and Adele for your help.

Swindon Half

Cheque from Arval Cares