2009 2010 LEAVES

LEAVES – 2009/2010

LEAVES is a not for profit workers co-operative providing training and meaningful work for people from Swindon who are recovering from mental illness. We operate as a successful Social Enterprise with our members paid on part time contracts for weekly hours based on their individual needs. We provide a range of services;

Gardening – Subsidized services for the elderly & commercial services for households, Community projects & businesses

Conservation –Maintenance & projects for Parks & Woodlands

Recycling – Collection of materials from streets & residential homes

Garden Products –bagging & distribution of local composted green waste & local woodchip

Using LEAVES means you benefit from our excellent products and services whilst also making a contribution to the local community.

The first year of funding from Swindon Cares has enabled us to develop our business and still be able to support our members through difficult periods in their lives. Indeed we have increased both the number of people being employed and the number of paid hours available to existing staff. LEAVES has also relocated since the last concert and can now begin to find a wider range of work for our employees.

LEAVES Programme Photo

We are realistic enough to recognize that however close to a commercial business we become – our people cannot be expected to operate at commercial levels of productivity. Funding income from events such as this concert represents approximately 30% of our revenue this year – so we would have made a huge loss without this support.   We are justly proud that we continue to triple the value of these investments in our company and go into this next year full of confidence to continue exceeding our social and commercial aims.