2016 Beneficiary – Hop, Skip and Jump

Hop Skip and Jump provide support for children with any additional need, from complex physical conditions to special educational needs and behavioural problems. HS&J offer thousands of placements every year, running targeted therapy sessions – after school care, weekend respite, teens and twenties clubs – to provide valuable support to families and young people in our community.

Hop Skip & Jump  Be Funky Collage Programme Photo

Hop Skip & Jump Be Funky Collage Programme Photo

Hop Skip and Jump’s aim is to prevent family breakdown, allowing parents and carers some time away from the responsibilities of full-time care. This valuable respite allows parents the opportunity to spend time with their other children, their partner or simply just catch up on some lost sleep. For many of the families we support caring is a 24 hour a day job. Giving these parents just a short break really can mean the world.

At Hop Skip and Jump our users experience an environment that is engaging and stimulating, with a team of fully-trained carers onsite to help support even the most complicated of needs. Our wonderful staff team cater for young people with a range of disabilities, from autism to Down Syndrome, spina bifida to cerebral palsy. Through individual care packages our staff are able to touch the lives of these young people, providing them with the skills and confidence they need to live rich, fulfilling and independent lives.

Over the last year Hop Skip and Jump have been thrilled to work with the Swindon Cares team on a number of events across Swindon and Wiltshire. We are so grateful for all of the support from the Swindon Cares team and our fantastic local community. We are very proud to represent Swindon and look forward to helping many more families from across the area in years to come. Thank you all for your ongoing support.