2015/2016 DASH Discovering Autistic Spectrum Happiness

Registered charity no: 1116852

DASH logoDASH is local registered charity launched in 2006 with the purpose and a determination to help improve the quality of life of people with autism and their families by raising professional, public and political awareness and understanding of autism and by developing local services, identified by DASH research and consultation, to help meet their needs.

It is estimated that the Swindon autism community comprises over 2,200 individuals, of whom 50% will have Aspergers

Our services include:

  • Swindon Autism Information & Advice Service for everyone on the autistic spectrum of all ages and their families. Since opening in May 2013 we have helped 500 people, identified many gaps in services, challenged professionals on the services they deliver, developed new services for young people, offered parents training, responded to gaps in services, and have been ready to listen and help anyone who comes through our door with a query.
  • We run 6 social groups for different profile individuals with autism, but all with the common purpose of reducing social isolation, enabling people to meet other people with the same condition in a safe and supportive environment, to increase skills and confidence in social and work based interactions. This includes a weekly evening social group for young adults age 18 – 25; a weekly early evening group for young women age 17 – 25; an allotment group targeting chronically isolated adults and those individuals aspiring to work and employment whose membership includes young men age 18 – 25; a fortnightly men’s group; a women’s wellbeing group; and a monthly social group for older adults.
  • We have commissioned an Employment Tool-kit for adults with Aspergers and run one to one and group employment support sessions.
  • We offer support to people at risk of, or in contact with, the criminal justice system and we also support people with housing and accommodation issues
  • We collaborate with other agencies – such as LIFT NHS psychology service to develop resources to help adults with Aspergers to access emotional, communication and interpersonal skills training

And in this way DASH helps people with autism living in Swindon to enjoy safer, healthier,                                more sociable, more productive and happier lives!

We also engage in networks to raise awareness and influence the development of the local Swindon Autism Strategy