2007 2008 Swindon MS Therapy Centre

2008 is a significant year for the Swindon MS Therapy Centre – not only is it our 25th anniversary year but it is also the year we want to raise sufficient funds to move to new premises which will better meet the needs of our members and where we can reach out to more people who need us.

MS is an incurable and unpredictable disease affecting the central nervous system. The Swindon MS Therapy Centre provides a vital range of therapies, care and support for people with MS in Swindon and in the surrounding community within a 35 mile radius, together with important assistance for their families and carers. The Centre enables people living with MS to have the ability and power to manage their disease rather than letting it take control of their lives, whilst keeping them as mobile and independent for as long as possible.

In our 25th year we are committed to moving to new premises which will allow us to meet the many and varied needs of the estimated 400 people who have MS in our local area. Currently we are located in a small run down industrial unit which is cramped, difficult to access and impractical in enabling us to fully offer the friendship, relief from isolation and the comprehensive range of treatments and therapies that our members value.

We have identified a new site, opposite Basepoint in Westlea, which will meet our growing needs – your involvement in our Moving Soon Appeal will help to raise much needed funds towards our goal of providing an ideal environment for the benefit of our members in enabling them to live their lives as they choose to do.

Think of us as a comfort blanket – providing warmth, safety, friendship & support so people with MS can face the world with confidence – with the Moving Soon Appeal we want to ensure we continue to do this in an environment where people can continue to flourish and we can reach out to more people who need us.

Please get in touch if you can help us make 2008 an extra special year. We look forward to hearing from you.